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Not Fake News provides liberal political commentary about important developments involving Republicans and Democrats in power, and supports efforts to resist those who would subvert democracy and impede freedom of the press. We also present the Lean to the Left podcast, with newsmaker interviews and progressive commentary.

Coming Jan. 31: interview with Dr. Pamela Gurley, Motivating black women & children

Screen Shot 2022-01-27 at 2.06.19 PM.png

Dr. Pamela Gurley, interviewed on The Lean to the Left Podcast, is an accomplished author, CEO, podcaster, professor, professional speaker and businesswoman.


Her ultimate objective: Work every day to change how Black women are perceived. She has a series of new books written to inspire and motivate Black children coming out soon.


Here's a clip from the full episode, to stream Monday, Jan. 31 on YouTube and major podcast channels.