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Tax Reform? Let's See Trump's Tax Returns First -- Updated

The Washington Post published an editorial that is right on point. It says that before Congress passes the controversial tax reform plan it is now considering, lawmakers should insist that President Trump release his own tax returns.

I think that is a great idea and it's only fair.

After all, Trump has repeatedly said the tax reform plan will cost him "a fortune", so why doesn't he actually show us how that would happen?

We're supposed to believe him when he says, "It will be a big, beautiful Christmas present for the American people," even though many news articles about the topic and most reliable analyses like this one have shown that low income people and many in the middle income levels will actually end up paying more when they complete their tax returns. However, the corporations and the wealthy will make out like a bandit, the experts say.

Check out this news article that makes that very clear.

So how is that a "big, beautiful Christmas present for the American people?

The Post's editorial points out that many provisions in the tax bills under consideration appear to have been written almost deliberately to benefit Trump and his business enterprises. Read it here for details. Of course, Trump would deny that because after all, it will actually cost him, right?

Members of Congress, Republicans and Democrats alike, should simply tell Trump that they will sit on that tax legislation until he makes his own returns public. Of course they won't do that, especially the majority Republicans, because all they're doing is playing kissypoo with Trump's behind.

Why, it's hard to figure. The polls show Trump's approval rating continues to plummet. What have they got to fear? Meanwhile, they could actually do something that would benefit the majority of the American people.

But they won't. The tax plan currently being negotiated by a House-Senate conference committee is a far cry from what even Trump proposed during the campaign, which was to provide tax relief for the "forgotten" middle class. The lobbyists and the Republican dogma took over and the rest of us are about to get the shaft.

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