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The Kecksburg, PA UFO Story: A New Podcast

On Thursday, December 9, 1965, a strange object was sighted over Canada. This object passed into the United States, creating sonic booms as it moved. Witnesses reported seeing fire in the sky, trailing behind a bell shaped craft moving eastward across the US until it crossed into Pennsylvania and landed in a remote village outside of Pittsburgh called Kecksburg.

For over 50 years people have tried to solve the mystery of what landed in the Kecksburg woods that cold winter day. Locals who saw this object believe it was something not from our world. Other’s believe it was a spy satellite, perhaps Russian, that crashed in our country. Soon after it landed, state police and the military closed off a perimeter of the woods and hours later witnesses reported seeing the military leave with an object on a flatbed truck. The object was covered by a tarp.

The above two paragraphs are from a new podcast about the Kecksburg UFO incident. It is about me. I was there.

I had just returned from covering a local governmental meeting for The Greensburg Tribune-Review and my editor, Tom Aikens, sent me out to Kecksburg to cover "the story of the century."

It was the story of a UFO that appeared to have landed in a farmer's field just outside of this tiny southwestern Pennsylvania community. It was supposed to have looked like the photo at left, a model of the object that was created for the television program, Unsolved Mysteries, on which I appeared.

I've carried two blogs about this story here and here. So for more details, you can check them out. And if you're interested, please take a listen to the Twisted Philly podcast by Deana Travetti. She interviewed me a couple weeks ago by phone as part of her effort to tell the story of Kecksburg. I enjoyed reliving that experience, for sure.

In fact, if the definition of "the story of the century" is a story that simply won't go away, then my editor was right. This story continues to live as people still wonder what really happened that night in that Pennsylvania farmer's field.

Once again, here's the link.

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