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Millennials: Where Will You Be on Election Day?

Message to Millennials -- please VOTE!

Did you know the average US Senator is 62+ years old? The average House member is close at 57 and these averages are going higher all the time.

So when they vote to add trillions to the national debt, it's YOU not them that will have to come up with the cash to pay for it.

When they support policies that are overheating and polluting our planet, YOU and your kids will have to endure the damage.

When they find another war that needs fighting, it's YOU not them that gets called to fight it.

So please get more involved in picking our leaders and remember -- THE PERFECT IS THE ENEMY OF THE GOOD. You will never find a "perfect" candidate but there are plenty of good ones who will reflect most of your views.

You are the largest generation in US history and election day is Tuesday November 6. Don't waste this historic opportunity to make your impact felt.

A typical American will spend an average of 11 hours researching what car or truck to buy. We spend an average of five hours researching which computer to purchase and even three hours on selecting a cell phone plan.

But many of us won’t spend even the hour it takes to go vote when comes to choosing elected officials who control our taxes, war and peace, major social and environmental policies, judges who are granted lifetime terms and lots of other things that will directly affect our lives for decades to come.

In fact, only around 55 percent of Americans vote either because they’re not registered (over 20% of the voting age population) or they just stay home. Among millennials, only half voted in the last election, the lowest of any U.S. generation.

Those who hope to see higher voter participation among young people may be in for a disappointment. A recently released poll from the Public Religion Research Institute and The Atlantic showed only 28 percent of young adults ages 18 to 29 say they are “absolutely certain” they’ll vote in midterms.

So, who WILL vote? According to that same poll, 74 percent of seniors say they are absolutely certain they will vote. At the same time, voter turnout averages 75 percent among people earning $100K or more per year. Men and whites also have higher than average voter turnout.

So, if you want a reason why national policy-making appears skewed towards certain interest groups, look no further than the apathetic voting habits of younger and lower-income voters.


Where will you be on election day?

Jon Spear is a singer/songwriter and equal partner in the Jon Spear Band. Retired, he is a former lobbyist in the healthcare industry and former senior staff member in the U.S. Congress. He lives in Charlottesville, VA.

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