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The Presidential temper tantrum

After watching President Trump's televised temper tantrum today at the White House with Democratic leaders Rep. Nancy Pelosi (CA) and Sen. Chuck Schumer (NY), you don't have to be a clinical psychologist to conclude that our country is currently being led by a crazy man.

In the first place, it was lunacy to hold a top level discussion in the Oval Office before television cameras instead of calmly and rationally -- and privately -- working out a deal over the hotly contested subject of border security and then announcing an agreement to the media.

It simply proves once again that Trump is a showman first and president second. He wanted to perform for the cameras, not achieve results. He saw Pelosi and Schumer as his props. He thinks being commander-in-chief is some sort of high level reality show.

For Trump, it's all about ratings and media and hype, not working out an agreement and getting things done for the country. And the spectacle at the White House today may well lead to a partial shutdown of the government next week. That's what Trump promised at meeting's end if he didn't get his $5 billion for his idiotic border wall.

That would close about 25 percent of the federal government on Dec. 21, putting hundreds of thousands of federal employees out of work -- and pay -- four days before Christmas.

But he doesn't give a crap. It's his way or the highway. Only in this case, his behavior affects a hell of a lot of people who work in those departments, their families, and the American people at large.

Schumer and Pelosi agreed with Trump that we need to fund border security, but Trump repeatedly and vehemently insisted the only way to provide that is with his vaunted wall -- and that if he didn't get the money by next week in an appropriations bill needed to fund several agencies -- including the Department of Homeland Security -- then he will gladly shut down the government.

And, I ask you: does it make sense to shut down the Department of Homeland Security in the name of providing increased security? Seems like a bit of a disconnect there. Maybe it's just me.

Democrats have agreed to provide $1.3 billion for border security, extending current funding levels for border fencing, but no new money for wall construction.

"I think the American people recognize that we must keep government open, that a shutdown is not worth anything, and that you should not have a Trump shutdown," said Pelosi.

That sent Twitter ablaze with #TrumpShutdown as people chimed in to lambaste Trump for his stubborn behavior. Here are a some examples:

Enough said. Trump is a lunatic, but unfortunately, he's still in charge. At least for now.

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