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So God Placed Trump in the Presidency?

A new Fox News poll shows that nearly half of Republicans and more than half of white Evangelicals hold to the belief that God wanted Donald Trump to be president of the United States.

How can this be? Do they not pay attention to the news? Oh, that's right, every news resource but Fox News is fake, and Fox makes Trump sound like a saint. And that's where they get their information.

Here's a man known to lie, cheat, commit adultery and perhaps even steal. He is vain, demonstrates false pride, and he puts himself above all others.

How does he honor the Sabbath? By playing golf -- if not at one of his golf courses, then using the $50K golf simulator he had installed in the White House. No worries, though as he claims to have paid for it with his own money.

Whatever happened to The 10 Commandments? Do religious Republicans and Evangelicals no longer believe in the importance of those very basic rules? In case you've forgotten them, here they are:

Check them out. How many Commandments do you think Trump has broken?

According to the poll, 45 percent of Republicans believe that God wanted Trump to be president, with another 18 percent indicating that they weren’t sure. Meanwhile, 55 percent of white evangelical Protestants said that God endorsed Trump. Only 3 in 10 evangelicals said categorically that they didn’t think Trump had God’s explicit support in the election.


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