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Imagine If...

In a recent broadcast (above), Trump’s bestest media buddy, (and the last voice he hears before going to sleep), Sean Hannity poses the issue,“Imagine if the Clintons are guilty of all the crimes they have accused Trump of committing “. The claim itself, pulled out of thin air, is a true head-scratcher, yet one that will be eaten up by the base.

After all, if Hannity says it, it must be true.

We have truly entered an Orwellian nightmare where ignorance is indeed strength.

Hannity goes on to cite the Ken Starr report and rehash Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky, seemingly to equate it with Trump’s affairs, while implying that Clinton did much worse. He fails to mention that Clinton faced impeachment hearings because of this, while further mentioning, using a questionable source, that the Mueller Report contained information that Clinton knew his conversations with Lewinsky may be wiretapped, furthering bolstering the Trump claim and implying that it was common practice.

The rambling segment makes murky connections to Uranium One, the “phony dossier” and, of course, a Deep State conspiracy that are all in collusion to topple this administration. He claims the “media hysteria” about Russia and Stormy Daniels are nothing more than an attempt to distract from these issues and that Clinton and Obama were the ones who were actually “compromised” through Hillary’s use of a private e-mail server.

The tenuous connections, baseless accusations and out and out lies are what continues to arouse Fox viewers, who are quick to cite ratings over facts.

While they are quick to credit Fox’s ratings, they neglect the flat line ratings that Trump, himself has. His ratings resemble that of the dearly departed. If Trump refuses to abandon his base, he is sure to be defeated.

Meanwhile, we have Hannity continuing to spin lies and conspiracy theories while Election Day gets closer and closer. This only emboldens Trump and his base. Right now, they are ignoring Congressional subpoenas and refusing to accept the will of the people he is supposed to represent.

Add this to the fact that Twitter refuses to banwhite supremacists because it could lead to banning some politicians, and we have a dangerous platform for the spread of right wing radicalism.

There needs to be more Congressional investigation, including the true Fake News spread by Fox . Hannity needs to be held accountable for his countless baseless accusations and the damage it is doing to our country. Twitter needs to ban ALL hate speech, especially when it comes to politicians. We need to take back our country, once more.

We can all imagine, but when the facts are staring us in the face, they are hard to deny.

#PresidentTrump #SeanHannity #KenStarr #MuellerReport #MonicaLewinsky #HillaryClinton #DeepState #StormyDaniels

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