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A President for ALL Americans

It's up to us if we want a president who truly represents ALL Americans.

Is Donald Trump a president who represents ALL Americans? Obviously, considering his racist actions and deliberate efforts to divide our nation, he is not.

When Trump Tweets that the four freshman Democratic Congresswomen, known collectively as “The Squad”, do not represent “our country“, it is a not so thinly veiled message to his white supremacist base.

Indeed , there are those among his supporters who have labeled them the Jihad Squad, intimating that they are part of some Muslim conspiracy. In a rare rebuke, the House condemned this comments as racist , drawing backlash from Republicans because it turns out, there is a rule, dating back to Thomas Jefferson, that forbids members of Congress from referring to a president as racist.

Of course, his supporters deny his Tweets were racist (Duh!). It’s like the old axiom “Incompetent people don’t think they’re incompetent.” Most racists don’t believe they are racists.

So, while Republicans didn’t deny that the remarks were racist, they stood behind an archaic rule to allow them the safety of not drawing attention to themselves that could result in their being the subject of the next angry Tweets. Despite this, four Republicans broke ranks and voted to condemn the Tweets.

When Trump stood idly by, as a crowd of his supporters chanted “Send Her Back!” when he mentioned one of the four Congresswomen, he at first disavowed the chants, and then, like his Charlottesville comments about very fine people on both sides, he walked back his denial.

When choosing a candidate for the 2020 presidential election, Democrats must choose carefully. The current free-for-all of candidates has allowed Republicans to apply a very large brush in painting the entire field as Socialists. Their hope is that the country will echo back to the McCarthy era and the Cold War, even though Trump himself has embraced Vladimir Putin.

What is the solution?

President Obama was condemned by those on the far left as abandoning his principles by becoming more of moderate, while the right condemned him as a Communist for his healthcare law. So, it’s obvious no one can represent ALL Americans.

While Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, and more than 58 percentof eligible voters participated, the participation of third party candidatesand write-in ballots prevented her from taking office.

Is it possible to have a president who represents ALL Americans? That is highly unlikely, but the Democrats need to select one who appeals to the majority. By going too far to the left, there is a risk of alienating those who want a more unifying leader. There is also the risk of causing voters to once again fail to hold a majority in the all-important Electoral College.

Can we really risk four more years of this?

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