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Campaign Overload

People are already fed up with politicians and the election is still 15 months away.

Have you ever had a song that, when it first came out, you listened to over and over? Eventually, you got sick of the song you once loved. That’s what is happening now, and it’s turning off voters. They are being given a major case of campaign overload.

You like a page, make a comment, or even just visit a candidate’s homepage and suddenly your inbox is inundated with multiple requests for contributions. You may even give to one or more candidates. This only increases the amount of e-mail as they implore you to "chip in."

Eventually, you become fed up. You unsubscribe, block or are even turned off at the mere mention of a particular candidate. They have so overwhelmed you that, despite their best efforts, you cannot listen to anything, no matter how sensible what they have to say.

Campaign season, like Christmas shopping season, seems to start earlier and earlier. There are six months before the Iowa caucus, yet candidates are descending on the state like a horde of locusts, trying to garner attention, and precious campaign contributions.

This is especially annoying with the current seemingly endless slate of Democrats seeking the nomination. Each of them is clamoring for our vote in every way possible. And with each passing day, they turn off potential voters.

It’s no wonder such a large segment of the population doesn’t vote. They have been stunned into a state of entropy by the sheer volume of campaign ads, and are unwilling to snap out of it because they are just plain sick of hearing the cacophony of rhetoric and misdirection from both sides.

It’s time to put a limit on the duration of campaigns.

The confusion caused by too many messages, and too many conflicting views, is becoming a negative on the actual campaign. Voters can make a choice, but they will refuse not to when the situation, like that once popular song, becomes a curse, instead of a blessing.

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