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  • Lauren Kligman

Elizabeth Warren for President

Updated: Feb 24

NFN writer Lauren Kligman backs Elizabeth Warren for President and explains why. First of a series by NFN writers about their choices.

My vote is Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Well, let me backup, I will vote blue no matter what person is chosen to be the Democrat nomination. But my number one choice is Elizabeth Warren.

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Why did I land on Elizabeth Warren?

First… she’s a woman. It blows my mind that people in our world still cannot fathom the idea that a woman is capable of running a country. After centuries of countries/nations/empires falling at the hands of men, why are we continuously repeating history?

Women have a long history of being great leaders in the home, school, medicine and more, so why not give us a platform from which to work, to make change, and to lead?

Now to dig deeper, Elizabeth Warren is incredibly smart. It started to become a joke that she has a plan for everything; but I am not laughing. There NEEDS to be a plan for all the different social, political, and personal realms that are part of the American culture. She has numbers behind these plans and examples to show and explain why her plans are needed.

And, Warren doesn’t forget or leave anyone out of her coalition.

I can give you a great example, actually.

The other day I travelled down to the Murrells Inlet Warren Base (for the first time, shame on me) to pick up my Warren sign. While located in a small office, I could feel the strength and passion that breathed life into those volunteers.

Let me tell you what I saw. So many signs; LGTBQ, Spanish, Students, Women, Teachers, and so many more.

Now about the people. There was a family, a Chinese woman, and a 50ish woman. I couldn’t be more different than any of these people. But I felt at home and I could have talked for hours with them! As I was about to leave, four older women came in after canvassing the area.

I mean, come on, Warren captures so many demographics!

I get emails from her campaign to help donate. She truly is using grassroots money exclusively. I dream of the day when she calls me to thank me for donating -- a lofty goal, but nonetheless, I persist.

While this reason may be small, it is important to me. One of my last reasons on why I support Elizabeth Warren is her Pinky Promises.

If you look at many photos, you’ll see her pinky promising a little (or adult) girl. It is something that touches me to the core. I love pinky promises. I think the symbol has a certain meaning that says I’m with you on this and I promise to make it happen. She promises that SHE, ELIZABETH WARREN WILL HELP CREATE A BETTER FUTURE.

I want to reiterate that I will vote blue come election day. I think that is the most important action as a member of the Democratic Party. I do not want people to throw their vote away because it is not “their candidate.”

So, Elizabeth Warren is my girl, but my blue is my color.

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