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Ending the Kangaroo Court

The following is a Facebook posting from Not Fake News reader Sandra Ferrante-Kohn, which I want to pass along:

by Sandra Ferrante-Kohn

This Kangaroo Court is nearly over and once again The Donald will probably escape unscathed. He has spent his entire life never being told no and that continues today. Trump and his team have contended that Trump’s decision to withhold aid to Ukraine was simply because he was concerned about corruption. If this were true then why was US aid given to the following countries without objections:

  • Columbia $391 million DESPITE the fact that Columbia is rated as the most corrupt country in the world.

  • Mexico $5.8 billion plus another $4.8 billion for development in southern Mexico DESPITE the fact that Mexico is rated as the second most corrupt country in the world.

  • Philippines: $193.5 million DESPITE corruption and dictatorship rule.

  • Turkey: $154.4 million DESPITE corruption and dictatorship rule.

  • Venezuela: $14 million DESPITE rampant corruption and dictatorship rule.

  • A few other countries that have received aid without limitations and who have histories of corruption and/or governments that do not support democracy include (to only name a few) -- Brazil, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emerates.

NOW it is interesting to note that Trump has financial interests in nearly all of the countries listed while having NO FINANCIAL interests in Ukraine.

So there you have it. You draw your own conclusions as to the honesty of Donald J. Trump.

For my part, I say to my Republican friends (and I really have a few), you will have a difficult decision to make in November. Do you want to vote for continued democracy or a budding dictatorship? Just remember that Trump’s reputation is that he never pays for anything; however, the people around him most certainly do.

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