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HiJacked Nation: Dedicated to #TheResistance

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Not Fake News' new book, Hijacked Nation, which provides a virtual play-by-play of the tragedy of the Donald Trump presidency, is dedicated to #TheResistance movement and all those who are fighting against the tyrant who occupies the White House and whose actions are jeopardizing the futures of generations still unborn.

(Listen to the podcast.)

The authors of Hijacked Nation tell the story in blogs that began in September 2017 when the Not Fake site was launched, running through June 26, 2020. It’s a contemporary account of historic discord in America, marked by the failure of Donald J. Trump to effectively respond to the responsibilities of the presidency and successfully lead our nation through difficult times.

In our blogs, we've chronicled many of these developments, offering our perspective as these historic events have unfolded -- all “From the Outside, Looking In.”

Now, in Hijacked Nation, we've brought some of our most powerful articles together in these 11 chapters:

1. Attacks on the Media

2. Trampling the Constitution

3. The Continuing Sin of Racism

4. The Guns Obsession

5. The Battle Over Healthcare

6. Trashing the Environment

7. Blunders in Foreign Affairs

8. Immoral Immigration

9. An Impeached President

10. Politics in the Age of Trump

11. The Coronavirus Pandemic Co-authoring the book with me is my sidekick, C J (Chris) Waldron, English professor, political analyst, and no-holds-barred fighter for truth. Also selected for publication in Hijacked Nation are blogs by Stacy Fitzgerald, Stacie Pearman, Susan Hutchinson, and Steve Hamelman, whose contributions greatly enrich our content. The cover was created by Michael Pearman.

Hijacked Nation is must reading for anyone concerned about the damage inflicted upon our nation by Donald Trump and the Republican Party, which he has effectively hijacked to do his bidding.

You can find Hijacked Nation now online at Amazon’s Kindle for just $9.99. A two-volume paperback version will soon be available at

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