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Hijacked Nation - Volume 2 Published

Volume 2 of our new book, Hijacked Nation: Donald Trump's attack on America's greatness, is now available for purchase on Amazon. While it does not yet appear on our page with the Kindle version and Volume 1, you can find it here.

Volume 2 includes these chapters:

1. Immoral Immigration 2. An Impeached President 3. Politics in the Age of Trump 4. The Coronavirus Pandemic

As with Volume 1, this book offers a virtual play-by-play of the tragedy of the Trump presidency through blogs from

Volume 1 covers these chapters:

1. Attacks on the Media & Other News

2. Trampling the Constitution

3. The Continuing Sin of Racism

4. The Guns Obsession

5. The Battle Over Healthcare

6. Trashing the Environment

7. Blunders in Foreign Affairs.

We’ve selected blogs that provide a contemporary history of important national developments since September 2017, developments that will leave an indelible mark on the history of our nation. We do this, of course, from our own "lean to the left" perspective.

Hijacked Nation is must reading for anyone concerned about the damage being done to our nation by Donald Trump and the Republican Party, which he has effectively hijacked to do his bidding.

The complete Kindle version costs $9.95. Each paperback volume is $14.95. Order yours today!

Kindle and Volume 1

Volume 2

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