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It's Only Words

Republicans never seem to be at a loss for words. The problem is, it’s the same damn words! Hoax, Fake News, illegal, Deep State, all the words spewed by right wing conspiracy theories that have long been debunked, yet they continue to use them to defend the potential impeachment of Donald Trump, even when it clouds their legacy.

Being short-sighted, the Republicans in Congress are willing to risk this in order to keep their jobs in the Senate and House of Representatives.

During the recently concluded House Impeachment Hearings, Minority Chair Devin Nunes (R-CA) continued to call the proceedings a hoax, and therefore unworthy of the time given. He railed against Democrats while unwilling to refute the charges being considered. This same Nunes is being implicated in the very crimes he is refusing to investigate. His words echo the same ones continually uttered by Donald Trump on the White House lawn.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has called the impeachment process illegal, a sham and a star chamber, yet has stated openly that he refuses to read any of the transcripts or review the testimony of impeachment witnesses. This is the same Lindsey Graham who, during the Clinton Impeachment trial, stated that “You don’t have to be convicted of a crime in order to lose your job…”.

And then there is Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) who, despite facts to the contrary, is continuing to push a Russian-backed debunked conspiracy theory that Ukraine was the country involved in meddling in the 2016 election, in support of Hillary Clinton.

While failing to provide even a speck of evidence, Kennedy made the rounds of the Sunday morning news shows, even earning him a rebuke from moderator Chuck Todd that he was “selling the same argument as Putin.” None of that mattered because Trump Tweeted his praise of Kennedy’s performance, earning him the thanks of Trump supporters.

Whenever they are at a loss for words, Republicans will go back to the tried and true twisted narratives they have been using to deflect from the misdeeds of this administration. They will continue to deny and defend Trump, even with blatant facts staring them in the face. They will use debunked conspiracy theories, claim deep state is somehow to blame for the issues facing this White House.

Meanwhile, you have Trump supporters calling his detractors “snowflakes”, telling them they need their “safe space”, yet Trump rarely appears in public outside of rallies filled with his slavish followers. He will only speak to the press under carefully controlled circumstances, screaming Fake News at anyone who fails to agree with him. He calls Democrats “do-nothing” despite the fact much of the legislation they have passed has been held up in the Republican-controlled Senate.

But, then again, it’s only words. Do they really matter? Since they are a deflection from the facts and only serve to gin up his base, you bet they do!

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