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'Mandate of Heaven' for Him with 'Unmatched Wisdom'

Rev. Pat Robertson, warns that President Trump, he with "great and unmatched wisdom," is "in danger of losing the mandate of heaven" because of his withdrawal of U.S. forces from Syria.

Oh, my God!

I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see President Trump backtrack on his withdrawal of U.S. forces from Syria now that the most righteous one, the Rev. Robertson, has issued his warning.

No wonder Trump thinks he's invincible. Nutcases like Robertson, who have backed him despite all of his many dark sins, actually believe this liar and philanderer have been placed in the White House by divine provenance!

So when Trump warned Turkey yesterday that if it "does anything that I, in my great and unmatched wisdom, consider to be off limits, I will totally destroy and obliterate the Economy of Turkey...", he must have been serious. After all, anyone with a "mandate from heaven," must have "great and unmatched wisdom" and the power to "totally destroy and obliterate."


We have a president who faces impeachment because of his effort to strong-arm the president of Ukraine to do his political dirty work and Robertson says he will lose his "mandate from heaven" over Syria?

His golfing buddy, the sycophantic senator, Lindsey Graham (R-SC), apparently thinks so -- along with a host of other stalwart Republicans and usual Trump defenders.

In fact, Graham said today that Trump's claim that ISIS has been defeated is "the biggest lie told by this administration", a remarkable comment that indicates that even Graham knows Trump is a habitual liar. It's just that this one is the biggest lie ever, in the senator's humble opinion.

All of this is sickening.

The idea that the religious right actually believes Trump was placed in the White House by God is simply too ludicrous to behold. Their wacko support for this disgusting creature makes no sense to anyone who thinks for themselves, religious or not.

"Mandate from heaven!" "Great and unmatched wisdom!"

I need a barf bag.

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