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Meeting the Challenge

Don Kohn met with Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris when she campaigned in SC last year.

What’s it like being the chair of the Democratic Party in a South Carolina county that’s been dominated by Republicans for years and is so red that even the hateful Lindsey Graham was re-elected in a near landslide?

Why would a soft-spoken retired corporate executive from New Jersey want to use retirement time to buck those odds.

My guest on the NFN Radio News podcast is Don Kohn, who heads the Horry County, South Carolina Democratic Party, and he answers those questions. This is a guy who doesn’t get paid and is working his tail off to elect Democrats in an area where even finding candidates to run is a huge challenge.

But Kohn has high hopes for the future and believes Democrats can once again be competitive in his adopted state, despite the long-time dominance of the big red Republican machine.

In the podcast, Kohn expresses the hope that President-elect Joe Biden can work with Congress to make substantial gains on three key fronts -- the Covid 19 pandemic, climate change, and racism, which he says has festered far too long in our nation.

But he stresses the importance of Democrats winning those two Senate seats in Georgia if that progress is to be made. Otherwise, he says, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will be a huge hurdle to overcome.

Take a listen to the interview. It's a fascinating conversation conducted via zoom.

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