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NFN Snap Poll: Impeach Trump

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

NFN poll responders unanimously vote for Trump's impeachment in the wake of the Ukrainian scandal.

Not Fake News readers who responded to this week's Snap Poll unanimously said Congress should impeach President Trump because of his effort to convince the president of Ukraine to investigate political rival Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.

The question in the poll reads as follows:

Given the "whistleblower's" revelation of President Trump's attempt to enlist the help of a foreign leader against his potential rival, Joe Biden, should the House of Representatives impeach the president?

By a vote of 26-0, poll responders said the answer is "yes."

That compares to our September 6 poll results that showed readers then favored Congress moving ahead with an impeachment inquiry by a margin of 32-10 and appears to reflect growing sentiment nationally, with increasing numbers of Americans now supporting impeachment.

Still, there is uncertainty, even among Not Fake News readers who tend to be left-leaning progressives who are not Trump supporters but fear impeachment by the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives could backfire and result in Trump's reelection.

One NFN reader who did not vote in the poll posted this comment on Facebook following my blog yesterday, "Moscow Mitch Turns Up the Heat," in which I question whether Republicans in Congress will follow their conscience or succumb to their need for political survival should they be faced with an impeachment vote:

You are probably exactly right, Bob. Thanks for writing/posting your article. It all comes down to what the US public thinks. The Republican senators are not going to do a damn thing unless their own electorate supports impeachment. They won't vote their conscience, or their knowledge of how seriously the drumpf is undermining the Constitution of this country. Nothing matter to them except being re-elected. I think most repukes don't care if the republic is lost as long as they stay in power. Harsh judgement, I know. But look at how they have turned their heads away from every other cause for impeachment. The democratic republic may fall, but why should they care if it serves their interest and they become part of the ruling fascist government.

Then, she added this:

Sorry if I am dishing the deepest, darkest feelings I experience with what goes on the past few years. Perhaps some republicans are just dupes supporting their party no matter what mentality, but some of the big players like Moscow Mitch and your own senator are actively undermining our democracy, whether they are already in thrall to the Russians (Mitch) or whether the drumpf has something on them that would damn their reelection.

That's just one person, I know, and there are millions of others who will defend Trump to their dying day. But it is a tragedy that he has brought our nation to this divide and to the consequences of impeachment, which even Trump says is now the likely result when the House of Representatives inevitably takes its vote. However, the president says the Republicans in the Senate "are very unified" and he will be acquitted.

We will see.

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