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Not Fake Breaks 1,000

President Trump ordered a flyover to celebrate Not Fake News' 1000th blog.

As of yesterday, May 8, Not Fake News has published 1,007 blogs since its inception in September 2017, and we are still on a roll.



I started this blog and website after retiring from my communications business, G-Net Strategic Communications, and found myself thoroughly frustrated with Donald Trump's characterization of the news media as "fake news." So, I decided to strike back and Not Fake News was born.

Since then, our audience has steadily grown with worldwide reach that has exceeded my hopes and expectations. Just yesterday, we recorded visits from Australia and Argentina, and today someone from the UK stopped by, joining visitors from practically every state in the union and many other countries abroad.

If you're a regular follower of Not Fake News, you know that we are also blessed to have numerous contributing writers who help to broaden the scope and depth of our content. For details, just click on the Writers tab at the top of the page. But I want to thank all of them for helping to achieve this success.

Producing at least one blog a day is a challenge and couldn't be done without the help of those writers, all of whom work for no pay -- like me! But publishing every day is my goal, although I've been known to take a weekend off from time to time.

While we regularly comment on the shenanigans of Trump, his administration and sycophantic pals in Congress, Not Fake News has become much more than a Never Trump blog -- although we are that, and proudly so. Just click on the "More" tab just above the top article on the home page for a complete list of topics that we've covered. And click on anything listed there, and you'll be taken to the blogs on that topic.

In addition, we launched a YouTube channel, which includes interview videos and the occasional silly Bob & Jackie Show, as well as other vids on important topics. You can visit that by clicking on the Video tab at the top.

And as if that weren't enough to keep us busy, we launched the NFN Radio News podcast, which includes narrated versions of our blogs as well as the soundtracks from some of our videos. Click on the Podcast tab at the top to check it out.

Then, there is an almost secret component to check out that's exclusively for Not Fake News Members. It's the Forum, in which you can create your own entries on one of the many topic areas provided. I have not promoted this as it's still under construction, but some members have discovered it and are publishing stuff there anyway. So, you can, too.

Who knows where we'll go from here, but my plan is to continue with this until my fingers won't type any more or my brain stops functioning. Some would say that, however, already has happened!

Oh, I almost forgot. Check out the Not Fake News shop, for some cool shirts, caps, and such. Better do it soon, though, because my supplier has increased prices and I'm going to have to do the same -- whenever I get the time.

And, hey, if you're inclined to recommend Not Fake News and/or NFN Radio News to your friends, that would be awesome. Plus, if you have some ideas about topics for us to write about, please pass them along to

Meanwhile, stay safe in these crazy times, and I hope you enjoy the offerings from Not Fake News, Not Fake News Video, and NFN Radio News.

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