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Not Fake News Poll: End Electoral College

Does it?

Not Fake News readers who responded to our first ever Snap Poll want to see an end to the electoral college, which helped send Donald Trump to the presidency.

By a margin of 22-8, with six undecided, poll respondents called for Congress to dismantle the system that many believe runs counter to the democratic foundation of America.

"There is nothing normal or democratic about choosing our president through a system that makes it ever more likely that the candidate who garners fewer votes will nonetheless assume power," writes columnist E.J. Dionne Jr. in this morning's Washington Post. "For a country that has long claimed to model democracy to the world, this is both wrong and weird."

He goes on to contend that the electoral college tilts outcomes toward white and conservative voters and certain regions of the country, and that everyone else is "supposed to sit back and accept their relative disenfranchisement."

Of course, the counter argument is that a straight popular vote will give an inordinate amount of power to the most populous regions of the country, such as New York and California, and Republicans and those in the rural heartland and the south naturally oppose such an outcome.

So, the debate will continue and most likely that's about all that will happen, at least for now.

Our New Poll

Today, we published a new Not Fake News Snap Poll, asking readers to weigh in on whether Congress should move to impeach President Trump.

We know that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been trying to hold back growing sentiment in the House of Representatives to launch impeachment proceedings, arguing that it would be a nationally divisive act that would have little chance of ultimate success, since the Senate is controlled by Mitch McConnell and his Republicans.

But each day Trump acts more and more like a would be king, even dictator. The latest example occurred just yesterday when it was reported by the media that he's ordered a full court press to get his border wall built, regardless of whether any laws would be broken in the process. And, it was reported and then denied by Trump this morning that he told staffers not to worry, that if they broke the law in the process of carrying out his order, he would pardon them. The White House said that was just a joke; that he didn't really mean it. Some joke.

However, if somehow, some way Trump was impeached and convicted, Vice President Pence would be president and have the powerful winds of incumbency in his sails heading into the 2020 election. Is that really the desired outcome?

So take two seconds and respond to the poll at the top of the page. Let's see what you guys think.

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