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Political Blackmail

What does Donald Trump have on Republicans who previously opposed, but now support him?

When Donald Trump became the front runner, and then leading candidate of the Republican Party during the 2016 election, few of the elected officials in his own party lined up to support him. Even up to a month before Election Day, the Republican National Committee threatened to withhold funds that would benefit the Trump campaign.

Why the sudden turnaround?

It’s no secret that Trump has weaponized social media. Once powerful Republicans in Congress are now cowering in fear that their actions may provoke an angry Tweetstorm that could be politically devastating. They are so fearful of losing their jobs, that they are forgetting to actually do their jobs.

Instead of investigating the multiple indiscretions of this administration, Republicans have adopted the White House policy of investigating the investigators, deflecting from the actual purpose of the investigations in the first place.

Why have they abandoned their Constitutionally mandated oversight responsibilities? What happened to the system of checks and balances?

Could there be a more sinister reason behind this sudden change of heart? Being Commander in Chief allows the officeholder access to a wealth of information. Secret agreements between members of Congress to not share certain skeletons can certainly be abandoned when you have someone in charge who has no scruples and would therefore threaten to release politically fatal information about those who oppose him.

How else can you explain the drastic turnaround by someone like South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham? Once a rabid Trump critic, Graham has now become one of his most fervent supporters. What must Trump have over him that resulted in this flip-flop?

Former opponents Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Rick Santorum are suddenly cheerleaders for this administration they once pledged not to support.

What secrets does Trump have on them?

While politics does indeed make strange bedfellows, there is something more diabolical in the way so many have chosen country over party, especially when decisions go against long held party beliefs.

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