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Senate: An Impeachment Brick Wall?

Will the Trump impeachment run into a brick wall in the Senate? Check out the NFN Snap Poll.

The popular view seems to be that while the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives will certainly vote to impeach President Trump, that effort will simply die in the Senate, which is run by Republicans and ruled by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (KY).

In fact, the right-wing Washington Examiner yesterday published this opinion piece predicting that any effort to remove Trump through impeachment will "come up against a brick wall in the Senate, where 20 Republicans would have to defect to oust him."

The author, Philip Klein, says that's because of Trump's extremely high approval rating among Republicans (87 percent), which is higher than President Obama's 77 percent rating among Democrats at a similar point during his presidency.

"In modern politics, given that turning out the base is crucial to winning and most politicians have more to fear from a primary challenge than the general election, few would be likely to break with a leader as popular among core members of the party as Trump is among Republicans," Klein speculates.

He continues:

"If the Ukraine story gets worse for Trump and support for impeachment grows among independents, it will start to squeeze Republicans up for reelection in swing states and districts. On the one hand, they will not be able to abandon Trump and earn the wrath of their party's base, but on the other hand, if they defend any behavior of his, they'll run the risk in a general election. This could complicate Republicans' ability to retain the Senate by making it harder to hang on to seats in Maine, Colorado, and Arizona.

"This is why we may eventually see the sentiment that Trump's behavior was "bad but not impeachable" gain traction in competitive races."

So the bottom line is that it doesn't matter to Trump's base, those die-hard Republicans who are drunk on his kool-aid, what the man does -- not even if he's proven to be a traitor, which is even worse than Nixon who claimed he wasn't "a crook" -- they'll support him anyway.

And that means Republicans in the Senate, who have not shown any intestinal fortitude when it comes to dealing with Trump, will go along just to avoid being "primaried" and taking a chance of losing their precious positions.

Do you agree with Klein's assessment?

That's the gist of this week"s Not Fake News Snap Poll. Let us know what you think.

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