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Should Hillary Run? (And More)

There's been some media speculation that Hillary Rodham Clinton might decide to join the throng of Democratic candidates seeking the presidential nomination, even as two more candidates have emerged.

That's the subject of our current Not Fake News Snap Poll, and we'd like to know whether you think a Clinton candidacy is a good idea or not. So far, the results are saying, uh, no.

It's my opinion that most people, including many Democrats, have had enough of the Clintons and that nominating her would be a disaster. Do you agree or not? Answer the poll and have your say.

More Candidates

Meanwhile, former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick announced this week that he's in, and Michael R. Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City, flew to Arkansas on Tuesday to file paperwork to become a presidential candidate in that state’s Democratic primary. So that means he's entering the 2020 race.

Once again, my opinion is that enough is enough. Candidates, that is. Are these just ego trips or do these guys really think they have a chance and that they can beat Donald Trump, assuming he is not tossed out of office by Congress?

Obama Warning

There was also an interesting development when former President Barack Obama cautioned Democratic presidential candidates against offering pie-in-the-sky programs that are not "rooted in reality".

I interpret that as a warning to candidates Sanders and Warren, who are proposing a sweeping gazillion dollar Medicare for All program, contending that improving Obama's legacy program, the Affordable Care Act, is insufficient.

I think Obama's correct. People are not stupid, and while more people certainly need affordable health insurance, trying to convince people to ditch what they have in favor of a single payor government-run program, to me, is unrealistic and would take far too long to become a reality.

Trump Tweets

So, while Democrats were adding candidates rather than focusing on those with a real chance of knocking off Trump, the president was subjected to the first round of impeachment hearings that he first said he ignored because, in effect, they were stupid.

But then he obviously was glued to the TV yesterday (Fox News, no doubt). He just couldn't resist denigrating ousted Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, who was cleaning his clock, and tweeted a bunch of nastiness as she testified.

And while that was happening, Trump's pal, Roger Stone (he of the fancy suits and million dollar smile), a longtime advisor to the Trumpster, was convicted of obstructing Congress' Russia investigation and lying to lawmakers. So he's headed for the clink, where he'll be wearing stripes or a jump suit, not fancy pin striped suits.

So it was quite a week.

But back to the top. Should Clinton run or not? Answer the survey, please.

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