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So Democrats are Communists Now?

Nothing like exaggerating, right?

The right wing crazies appear to be kicking into high gear a social media campaign labeling Democrats as "communists" because they support such horrible and anti-American tenants as providing healthcare for everyone, protecting the environment, and caring for the vulnerable among us.

And, oh yea, Democrats are against racism, sexism, and they believe everyone should be treated equally regardless of sexual preference. Oh, and they also believe that after babies are born there should be programs to help families in need make certain those kids have enough to eat and get a healthy start in life.

How radical and crazy can you be? Democrats don't like children being separated from their families and thrown in cages, either. How radical is that!

Just look at the above graphic that appeared on Facebook today. Really?

OK, maybe it's a little farfetched to think that America can immediately enact a plan, as Bernie Sanders has proposed, to provide free healthcare for just about everyone, but shouldn't we be working to expand affordable healthcare coverage for more people? Is that a communistic idea?

Or what about his plan to provide free college and erase all student debt? Ok, maybe it's a little farfetched to think that we can do that all at once. But shouldn't we be working to make affordable higher education available to more people? Is that a communistic idea?

The comments that the above image attracted on Facebook were astonishing, especially this one:

Really? Are you serious, Joe Trent? The disgraced Joe McCarthy didn't go far enough?

Then there was this guy:

There were more. The general theme, though, is that somehow Democrats are communists. Wonder where that idea comes from. Could it be our highly principled, honest and ever-so-sincere president or the wacko rightwing groups that blindly support him?

Isn't Trump the guy who loves Russia and Putin. So much so that he kisses Putin's you-know-what every chance he gets and tries to do the Russian dictator's bidding at every opportunity?

Hey, isn't Putin a communist?

The same theme rambled through responses to a Facebook post I did recently about Bart Collins, a lifelong South Carolina Republican who is now working to elect Democrats. Many of the comments were vulgar and so offensive that I deleted them from the page. But others were like this one:

So Bart, a hardworking, dedicated firefighter and EMT, is a communist because he wants a president who doesn't lie with every breath, who treats people fairly, who believes in equality and social justice?

Then, I guess I'm a communist too.

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