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The Bob Gatty & Chris Waldron Show Premiers

Now appearing on the NFN YouTube channel is the premier episode of the Bob Gatty & Chris Waldron Show from Not Fake

In "Ditching Twitter in the Age of #CloroxDon," Chris says anybody with a brain should get off of Twitter so as to deprive Donald Trump of his audience.

He also says the media should stop reporting on his tweets.

Bob thoroughly disagrees, explaining that taking such action would leave a huge informational void, ceding the Twittersphere and Trump's message dissemination to right-wing media like Fox News, which would strengthen, not weaken, his position with his base. We wrote about this the other day in our Point-Counterpoint piece.

From Twitter to Trump's witch doctor ideas that maybe people should ingest disinfectants and his wish that "Noble" Prize winning journalists would return their awards, the conversation in this video explores the news of the past week, some of which was pretty crazy.

It's a humorous and informative look (from our perspective, anyway) at the wacko week that we all experienced, and an indication of what's to come from this new format.

The soundtrack is also available as a podcast here.

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