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The #BunkerBoyBully & The Bible

It now is abundantly clear that we have a President who is willing to hurt, terrify, perhaps even kill his country's own people to feed his own ego and satisfy his political ends. That was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt with yesterday's #BiblePhotoOp by the #BunkerBoyBully.

(Listen to the podcast.)

Determined to prove his toughness after his security people hustled him to a basement bunker at the White House Sunday because of protestors outside the heavily guarded White House fence, Trump decided to take a little stroll to the historic St. John's Episcopal Church across the street.

And, for good measure, he would hold up a Bible to prove to his religious-right faithful what a devout, God-fearing Christian he really is.

Only one problem with that plan, though. There were several hundred demonstrators in the way, protesting the white cop killing of black George Floyd in Minneapolis.

But true to Trump, his lapdog attorney general, William P. Barr, ordered the authorities to do whatever it would take to get rid of those people. So, they fired flash-bang shells, tear gas and rubber bullets into the crowd, to clear a path for his highness to proceed.

Little did he care that he was attacking Americans, the people he has sworn to protect. No. It was all about Trump. It was all about proving he is in charge, and not a weak sissy like those governors whom he challenged to get tough with the demonstrators, and to use force, if needed.

"Get tough Democrat Mayors and Governors...The World is watching and laughing at you and Sleepy Joe," tweeted Trump. And then, in a phone call, he belittled them even more.

Also in play for Trump, no doubt, was his falling poll numbers against former Vice President Joe Biden, who currently has a 10-point lead over the exalted one.

The headlines had to drive him crazy.

The Hill: Trump lags in polls as crises press

USA Today: Biden lead over Trump jumps 8 points in ABC News/Washington Post poll

So, besides verbally attacking and ridiculing Biden on Twitter, he had to demonstrate to his blindly loyal base that he's the tough guy in town. And so, he had his National Guard put on gas masks and fire rubber bullets at protestors, release tear gas, and set off flash-bang shells in the midst of the crowd.

His action was condemned by the Right Rev. Mariann Budde, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, who said she learned of the president’s visit by watching it on the news.

“I am outraged,” she said. “I am the bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington and was not given even a courtesy call that they would be clearing with tear gas so they could use one of our churches as a prop, holding a Bible, one that declares that God is love and when everything he has said and done is to inflame violence.”

What did Trump really prove?

He proved that he is an insecure, despicable coward whose only interest is himself and his own self-preservation.

But his bullying actions are resulting in another poll that no doubt will anger him even further.

A new Morning Consult poll conducted Sunday and Monday revealed that Biden leads Trump 47 percent to 30 percent on addressing racial inequalities and 44 percent to 32 percent on police reform.

In the poll, 32 percent gave Trump positive marks on how he's addressed the demonstrations, and 57 percent supported those demonstrations, compared with 28 percent who back coronavirus-related protests to open the country.

Meanwhile, Trump has been tweeting, "November 3," to remind voters of the day he will be seeking re-election.

As if we needed to be reminded that is the day we can get rid of this tyrant for good.

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