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The Story of Hijacked Nation

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Hijacked Nation, Donald Trump's Attack on America's Greatness, by Bob Gatty and Chris Waldron, presents real-time commentary on the tragedy of the Donald Trump Presidency, based on contemporary blogs from

This video by author Bob Gatty, with an assist from Jackie Cristiano, announces a pre-election sale of both paperback volumes that is available at https;//

Through Election Day, both volumes of the paperback edition are available for the discounted price of $19.95, a savings of $9.95. The regular price is $14.95 each. The price of the digital version, which includes all of the material in both paperback volumes, remains at just $9.95. It can be purchased here.

Here are new reviews by readers, all of whom gave Hijacked Nation a five-star rating:

"What a great read!

"There could be no more appropriate title for a book documenting the Trump administration and its mean-spirited, divisive and harmful impact on American democracy. Excellent analysis and a quick, engaging read that speaks truth to power." -- Amazon customer.

"I really enjoyed this book - especially the chapters regarding racism, written by Stacy Fitzgerald! Excellent read!!!" -- Amazon customer.

"Americans are constantly bombarded with tweets and statements that do not even remotely resemble the truth. "Hijacked Nation" is a compilation of blogs that "...set the record straight...". These essays are fact based, insightful and interesting reads that are to the point." -- Don Kohn

"A must read for those needing a break from the opinions of pundits. These are real opinions from average folks. Powerful insight into how the Trump presidency is perceived by people living in its wake. Great perspective." 👏 -- Stizz

"These volumes are a wonderful compilation of political opinions by people who are not professional journalists. They are excellent observations on what American politics looks like from the trenches." -- Virginia S. Hutchinson.

Hijacked Nation is published in paperback (two volumes) and Kindle on

Volume 1 (273 pages) covers these chapters:

1. Attacks on the Media & Other News

2. Trampling the Constitution

3. The Continuing Sin of Racism

4. The Guns Obsession

5. The Battle Over Healthcare

6. Trashing the Environment

7. Blunders in Foreign Affairs.

Volume 2 (336 pages) includes these chapters:

1. Immoral Immigration

2. An Impeached President

3. Politics in the Age of Trump

4. The Coronavirus Pandemic

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