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Trump and the Cardboard Crusher Guy

Cardboard Crusher Guy has Trump's back -- no matter what.

Sometimes when you talk to supporters of Donald Trump, what emanates from their mouths sounds like they are simply reading one of Trump's tweets or parroting his rally speeches.

Think for themselves? Not a chance.

The other day I was at the recycling center disposing of a couple weeks worth of bottles, cans, cardboard and paper, and the man operating the cardboard crushing machine asked me if I'd heard about the passing of Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-NJ). Maybe it was my "Not Fake News" ball cap that I was wearing that prompted him to start talking politics with me.

"Yes, he was a great man," I replied.

"Well," said Cardboard Crusher Guy, "He was a Democrat," almost spitting out the word. "And I sure ain't no Democrat!"

"Well, I am," I said. "And proud of it."

"I feel sorry for you," he said. "Ain't no good Democrats, and none of those 20 Democrat clowns running for president could beat Trump. They're all a bunch of losers and he'll roll right over any one of them."

"I wouldn't be so sure," I responded. "In fact, Trump might not even make it until the election."

"That impeachment thing is a joke," Cardboard Crusher Guy retorted. "They got nothing on him. He's just doing his job. They're just trying to get rid of him before the election because they know they can't beat his ass. Not one of them. Especially Biden. He's lost it. And that Warren woman is crazy. No way this country can afford Medicare for all, and Sanders is looney."

I shook my head, climbed back in my car, and drove home.

So this morning I read this piece in The Washington Post, an article that's been added to throughout the day. Here's what Trump told reporters sometime this morning: “I think they want to impeach me because it’s the only way they’re going to win.”

Now I don't know whether Cardboard Crusher Guy follows Trump on Twitter or not, but he's memorizing his talking points that he sees or reads someplace. I know it's not The Washington Post or MSNBC. Probably Fox News, if I had to guess.

To him, it doesn't really matter what Trump does. What laws he's violated. How he's sold our country out. How he plays footsie with Putin and other despicable despots. The cruder he is, the crueler to immigrants, the more of a blatant racist he is, the more they like it.

He's their guy. And they have his back. No matter what.

But my hope is that if Trump makes it through this impeachment process, that when election 2020 comes around he'll end up looking like one of those cardboard boxes that i tossed into Cardboard Crusher Guy's big ole machine.

Editor's Note: Check out this week's NFN Snap Poll on the fairness of the impeachment inquiry. Respond today.

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