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Trump Defeated. Trumpism Not.

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Donald Trump has been soundly defeated and now, bawling like a baby with poopy diapers, he's finally agreed to allow government agencies to cooperate with President-elect Joe Biden so he can prepare to take over on January 20.

(Listen to the podcast.)

But just because he green lighted the transition does not mean he will fade into the sunset, allowing the warm glow of his imagined achievements to warm his heart. All signs point to continued, if futile, voter fraud challenges in the courts and unfounded claims in the media.

After the Michigan Board of State Canvassers certified Biden's win there, and after increasing numbers of Republicans finally emerged from their rabbit warrens and urged Trump to give it up, he finally relented and tweeted that he agreed to allow government agencies to cooperate with Biden "in the best interest of the country."

But, he added, "Our case STRONGLY continues, we will keep up the good...fight, and I believe we will prevail!"

And, so he authorized #GSAEmily, the Trumpster bureaucrat who runs the General Services Administration, to sign the official papers allowing the transition to move forward.

Nevertheless, there are nearly two months left for him to continue his vendetta against Barack Obama and lay traps for Biden. So beware.

As Author Ian Gurvitz told me yesterday, "He's got the survival instincts of a sewer rat with a pizza in its mouth. I would never count him out. He will never stop." Gurvitz is the author of "Death to America! How We the People Screwed Ourselves", published in September.

Listen to the podcast with Author Ian Gurvitz here.

Even though Donald Trump was defeated in a record turnout by the electorate, multitudes of Americans still voted for him and the Trumpism that many of them embrace likely will be with us for years to come. The loyalty that 45 managed to instill in those voters must not be underestimated.

Said Gurvitz, "After covid, after everything that he's done, how many people voted for him? 71 million, even though Biden's closing in on 80, he's got troops out there. During the heat of Covid, he had a rally in Arizona and these people were waiting at the barriers, and as soon as they pulled them aside, they ran toward him like they were lemmings running toward a cliff."

A big part of that is his continued, deliberate, effort to plumb the depths of racism, Gurvitz added, pointing out that Trump "is not your garden variety racist. He's someone who's so dark that he would mine that aspect of us in this country for political gain. He's been playing that card ever since."

But it's more than racism that is at the heart of Trumpism, Gurvitz acknowledged, noting that income inequality, an us-against-them point of view, is a major factor causing his supporters to remain "a force." However, the author expressed the hope that if Biden can get the pandemic under control and people can get back to their lives and jobs, "the infatuation will start to dissipate."

"Like a cult," Gurvitz said, "you've got to break the spell. Their sense of self worth rises or dies with Donald Trump. You have to shame him in the American mind. And if you can do that, I think there's a chance that Trumpism will lose some of its power. Will that mindset disappear from this country? I'm afraid not, at least not in this generation."

Trump, Gurvitz said, would like nothing better than a comeback. "It's up to Democrats to make sure he doesn't get one." Because if he does, Trumpism will be back.

Listen to the podcast with Author Ian Gurvitz here.

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