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Trump is Gone, but His Wackos Remain

The blog I wrote yesterday, in which I said Republicans are acting like toddlers because they can't deal with Biden's success and his popularity, attracted some interesting comments, especially from Trump supporters who were insulted.

Here's an example of a reaction from someone who listened to the narrated blog on YouTube:

Now I don't mean to poke fun at anyone for being religious or holding strong religious views, but this person is clearly over the edge. Of course, I am just one of those Godless Democrats who will be "cast into hell," so what would I know.

However, there were positive comments about yesterday's article.

One regular reader wrote:

"Great stuff as always — you’re really on a tear lately 🙏"

Obviously, I appreciate comments like that more than the rants from Rhiannon Bittle. She did give me a good laugh this morning and put me in a pretty good mood for much of the day -- even though she reminded me of some of the Bible thumping evangelists I was forced to listen to as a little kid in the churches where my father was pastor. Those are not my fondest memories.

But, I digress.

Meanwhile, I stand by what I wrote. Most of the Republicans in Congress are simply acting like little kids whose parents took away their lollypops because they smeared peanut butter on their little sister. They're pouting and searching for anything negative they can say about President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and other leading Democrats.

Even, as I commented yesterday, to the point of spinning lies like claiming that Biden wants to end hamburgers as we know them. I kid you not.

But it's like they're tilting at windmills.

The American people are giving Biden high marks for his first 100 days, they're supportive of his bold initiatives to improve peoples' lives, and they like the idea of the wealthy and corporations being made to cough up their fair share to help pay the tab.

And 85 percent of those who watched Biden's speech Wednesday night approved. They said he was "presidential" and "caring" and "bold."

Indeed, we are beginning to feel like we finally have a mature adult as our president, not a petulant child.

Thank God! There are plenty of those on the Republican side of the aisle in Congress.

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