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'Trump' to be Pardoned on Long Island

An official pardoning ceremony will take place on Long Island of a red-orange-headed turkey named "Trump".

"Trump the Turkey" was born several years ago on June 14, the same date as President Donald J. Trump, and while the Milleridge Inn will serve more than 2,000 turkeys over the holiday, its owner says Trump won't be among them.

"Trump will be spared from getting his head chopped off and from any impeachment process as he is loved by everyone," said Butch Yamali, owner of the historic inn, originally built in 1672.

Because we disagree with Yamali's statement that Trump is "loved by everyone," we created this latest episode of The Bob & Jackie Show, which features funny Thanksgiving stories from years past -- like pumpkin-pie-to-the-face, Christmas presents floating down a creek, and a grandmother copping a feel as she passes the pie -- and more.

The episode concludes with commentary about Trump the Turkey being spared from the axe with some pointed thoughts about what really should happen to both the bird and its namesake. Check it out.

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