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You protested when they removed the “Whites Only” signs from schools and businesses Despite the obvious inequities with the laws

Because you had the advantage of white privilege

You whined when certain states passed seatbelt and helmet laws

Despite it lowering automobile fatalities

Because you claimed it was an infringement on your rights

You threw a hissy fit when they banned smoking from public places

Despite how your actions were making others ill

Because you were being inconvenienced by your own bad habits

You threw up your arms over immigrants

Despite the fact you are a descendant of immigrants

Because you claimed it would take jobs from Americans (That you wouldn’t do anyway)

You hollered “Democrats are coming for your guns!”

Despite having zero evidence to back this up

Because you are deeply insecure and a paranoid tool of the NRA

You shouted, “Open back up!” when states imposed rules to limit the coronavirus spread

Despite the rising numbers of cases and fatalities

Because you believed we were “Rounding the corner”

You refused to wear a mask to stop the spread of coronavirus

Despite numbers approaching 250,000

Because it made you uncomfortable and it “violated your rights”

You stomped your feet and shouted “Stop the Steal”

Despite zero evidence of voter fraud

Because your guy lost by even more popular votes this time

Maybe it’s time to admit


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