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Will America Ever be Great Again?

Updated: May 8

Supporters with Nazi flag at Trump rally

You’ve seen the images. The MAGA hat wearing zealots who claim they want to “Make America Great”. Their idea of greatness is a sad distortion of reality. They long for an America where white makes right. They hug their guns and pretend to love the flag. They’re fiercely intolerant of anyone who is not like them and are so filled with hate and anger they cannot broach any disagreement with their rigid dogma.

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They are the Proud Boys, neo-Nazis, white supremacists and religious bigots. They hold rallies on government property, proudly displaying their “Second Amendment rights,” including guns, while denying First Amendment rights to others. They shout “White Power!” as they hold MAGA signs and swastikas.

During this time of a health crisis they shun masks and social distancing, claiming it infringes on their individual rights even as they threaten to spread disease to others.

Then, there is the religious right; a group so blissfully ignorant they believe any illness is a sign their god supports whatever they hate. They shout “God Hates Fags!”, claim to be able to “cure” homosexuality and called the AIDS epidemic “God’s Curse on Homosexuals”.

They claim to support the teachings of Jesus, but hate foreigners, the poor, other religions and people of color. Instead, they cherry-pick Bible verses to support their bigoted narrative.

They deny a woman’s right to choose in healthcare matters, but then later deny them assistance after a child is born.

Here’s a clue to those people: It’s not your right to force your beliefs on others like you have for centuries!

America: Changed Forever?

America has been indeed lost its way. Once the leader in world matters, we are being shunned by other countries who have taken the lead in matters of the environment, economics, diplomacy and healthcare.

It’s ironic that it took an American Hitler to make Germany the Leader of the Free World.

Thinking back to the 70s sitcom, “All in the Family”, which was a satire on right wing policies, I’m reminded of the words of the theme song, “Those Were the Days”, where Archie Bunker harkened back to the days when Herbert Hoover, the president at the start of the Great Depression, was in charge.

While most laughed at the outlandish caricature of right-wing figures in the Archie Bunker character, we are now being surrounded by Trump-era Archie Bunkers.

No matter who will succeed this deplorable administration, it will be a long time, if ever, that we will be trusted on the world stage.

Has America been changed forever? We can no longer pretend to be the Land of Opportunity. We have abandoned being “The Land of the Free”, as our National Anthem promises. When a government official changes the wording inscribed on the Statue of Liberty to support xenophobic policies, we no longer hold the moral high ground.

When a leader compares himself to Abraham Lincoln yet declares he has “absolute power”, what’s to stop him when the Congressional mandate of being a check on Executive overreach is abandoned? There are no words.

Hubris and nepotism have replaced patriotism and honor.

America had its time in the sun, however brief. Our greatness was lost in a distortion of the voting process.

Putin has his revenge.

America, and Hillary Clinton, saw the downfall of the Soviet Union. Now, he has forever altered America. And all it took was the empowerment of a group of incompetent individuals and handing them the keys to power.

Will America EVER be great again? Not as long as Donald Trump occupies the White House.

But What About Trump?

Make no mistake, Trump has a definite path to victory in November. For this to happen, it will require a complete character overhaul. It’s a stretch. Hell, it’s an impossibility, but it could happen – if he follows an unlikely path.

No matter what he does, he will have his base. His base is only about 35 percent of the American people. So, to win he must broaden his reach. He can endure this transformation with a nod and a wink to his followers; convince them that he’s in it to win it, and once that happens it will be back to business as usual.

So, he needs to get off Twitter. His tweets, while meat for his base, are not helping him. They give those of us with a working brain a window into his disturbed mind. He dares to speak, or tweet, the things others keep inside their heads. He has no social filter.

Withdrawal is never easy. Often addicts replace one addiction with another. Perhaps he could take up painting or some other less destructive hobby. And make no mistake, Trump has several addictive habits, whether it be Diet Coke, junk food, pretty women, sexual depravity or megalomania.

Getting off Twitter and not commenting on everything that gets under his thin skin would go a long way towards repairing -- or at least hiding -- his obvious character flaws.

On top of that, he must admit his mistakes, become humble and acknowledge those flaws. Self-reflection is difficult for any of us, but for Trump to become contrite would permit people to see him in a different light. Indeed, it would humanize him.

Hey Waldron: What are you smoking?

Also, he must embrace both Democrats and the media. Getting them on his side, instead of demonizing them, would make him the great unifier he always portrayed himself as being. Invite Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer over for lunch. It would be a great photo op.

Then, if all of that was not enough, Trump must acknowledge CNN and the New York Times as having legitimate points and state that, while he may disagree with some of their reports, he respects their rights under the First Amendment.

I’m sure by this point you are either laughing so hard you can’t breathe, or you’re looking for a receptacle in which you can upchuck. Sorry.

We all know the saying “A leopard can’t change his spots”. Trump is a leopard.

And so, we must kick him to the curb in November.

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