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Yes. Read the Transcript

This is for the woman I saw proudly wearing her brand new “Read the Transcript” t-shirt and anyone else with their head in the sand on this corrupt president.

The impeachment is really simple if you understand the following:

  1. Rudy Giuliani is Trump's personal attorney. He says he has no other clients.

  2. Joe Biden is one of the leading Democratic presidential nominees for 2020.

  3. Trump asked Rudy to work on Ukraine to get an investigation going on Joe Biden and his son relating to alleged corruption when he was vice president. and to make sure it got announced publicly that they were opening one up. They didn’t actually have to investigate.

  4. Trump asked the Ukrainian President Zelensky to "work with Rudy."

  5. Ukraine had already done an investigation and found no issues with Biden or his son.

  6. Rudy does not work for the State department or in any official government capacity. Trump pays him to work as his personal attorney, meaning he is doing business for Donald Trump, not President Trump. If he is being paid from taxpayer money then we have a whole other investigation that needs to happen.

  7. Withholding Congressionally approved funds to achieve Trump’s goal of investigating his political rival is what makes it extortion, and even without the money it is abuse of power for personal political gain.

It's not rocket science to put this together that Trump asked his attorney to get an investigation going into his rival and tried to try disguise it as an official presidential request into Ukraine corruption by making those in the State department work with Rudy so it looked legitimate. And for those who say “read the transcript”, he didn't say Ukraine corruption in that "perfect" call, he specifically called out Biden and his son and said he wanted Ukraine to work with Rudy.

Invoking Rudy’s name puts it on a personal level, not a presidential one.

If it wasn't for the whistleblower, we would never have known about this and once Trump got Biden knocked out, he would have continued to abuse his power to move on to Warren, Buttigieg, Sanders and down the line. Who needs Russia when you have a high-priced attorney with nothing else to do and a bunch of sycophants more than willing to do your dirty work without question?

Trump doesn't care how he wins as long as he wins.

For those who say he is doing a great job because the economy is booming (that means you, Rep. Tom Rice), we would be better off with a slower economy and a moral, ethical and law-abiding president who pays attention to the deficit and understands its relationship to the economy. One who doesn’t want to take away healthcare and food stamps from millions, doesn’t spout anti-Semitic stereotypes and calls out white supremacists as the un-American hate mongers they are. A president who cares about all Americans and not just the ones who vote for him and support his “let’s break America” campaign or the rest of the GOP, who he bullies and expects to protect him when they know he is abusing the office of president.

Impeach this fake president now and remove him from office.

Then put him in jail.

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