Meet Bob Gatty: The Voice Behind NOT FAKE NEWS

For many years, I've worked as a writer, editor and communications consultant, focusing on government and politics. I began as a home town journalist, then worked for United Press International in its heyday covering state politics in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In the beginning, I broke the color line at the black weekly, The Pittsburgh Courier. I believe I was the first white reporter hired there.

Tempted by the allure of Washington, DC and big-time politics, I became press secretary and chief of staff for two Congressmen -- first Republican Edwin B. Forsythe, and then Democrat James J. Florio, who later became governor of New Jersey.

After seven years on Capitol Hill, I opened a communications business in Washington, first providing political media consulting to candidates and then Washington coverage for business and trade magazines, plus communications consulting services for trade associations.

My passion now is Not Fake News as well as the communications work that I do as a volunteer with the local Democratic party in my new home state of South Carolina.

Not Fake News includes commentary on topics I believe are important, or at least interesting -- from the perspective someone who used to be an insider, but is now on the outside looking in. We now have several additional, extremely talented writers who also contribute blogs to Not Fake News. While our blogs are fact-based, they also reflect our own perspective -- which means "A Little Lean to the Left."

Hijacked Nation

In August, 2020, we published "Hijacked Nation-Donald Trump's Attack on America's Greatness," a diary of Trump's failed presidency and the tragic consequences for our nation. 

Blogs from Not Fake News organized chronologically and by issue top provide the content for Hijacked Nation, creating a virtual play-by-play of the key actions of the Trump administration and Congress. For more information, please click here, and visit my Author's Page on Amazon, here.

NFN Radio News

Nearly all of the blogs that appear on Not Fake News are narrated for our podcast, NFN Radio News. So, you can take them with you and listen any time. More info here.

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